Woo hoo!!  We have had some gorgeous sunshine this week – just what was needed after some icy cold days.  Don’t get me wrong – Winter is far from finished as we had a pretty heavy frost this morning – but down the end of the dark and gloomy tunnel we can see Spring waving at us and beckoning for us to get a move on. We have a pretty exciting market for August after a fairly quiet (and small) July.  Some new faces. Some returning faces.  And some “added extras” to keep us on our toes. A huge welcome to Bianca Ross – the author of a gorgeous children’s book about personality Herbert Peabody.  Herbert spends time on his farm, gardens and has plenty of animals.  Aimed at kids from 4 – 9, this is a book that is for reading out loud or for the more advanced readers, one to snuggle up on the couch with.  We have the first book on our bookshelf and can’t wait to see what the second has in store for Mr Peabody and his friends. We are also pretty excited to welcome King Valley Dairy (formerly the Myrtleford Butter Factory) to our market.  Naomi used to attend the market when we were located at the primary school but work got a little too busy and so she was no longer able to come along.  Her mum Bron joins us this week with all things buttery – and I am sure will be able to tell you about their move to the King Valley and new venture.  I can’t wait to head over the hill to visit once they open later this year. Another newcomer to our market (and to markets in general) is David Chun from Deep Rapture Farm in the Strathbogies.  Dave has recently started up a small market garden farm and will have a range of salad greens and baby kale.  We love being able to support up and coming producers – welcome Dave! We love it when our stallholders try something new – even better when it works!  Anne and Tony from Tin Shed Cider have been tweaking and creating and have come up with a brand new product – Apple Cider Vinegar.  We can’t wait to try some on Saturday at the market. This will be your last opportunity to catch up with Rowie and Mick from Long Lane Capers – they are about to take a well earned break (and even manage a holiday) before the picking season starts.  Rowie says that they hope to be back for our November market, and you can still find their capers in several outlets locally if you run out. The Mansfield Community Fund will be back again with their “tea and toast” stall (and a range of other goodies).  Grab yourself a pot of tea from them or a coffee from The Produce Store team and make a morning of it. News flash – did you know that we will be celebrating our SIXTH birthday in September? Mark down September 26th so that you don’t miss our celebrations. Check out the stallholder list below and start creating your market shopping list.  What will go in your market basket this week? Stallholder list (current 20/8/2015)

  1. Aintree almonds and apiary
  2. Boonderoo Farm – Bread
  3. Deep Rapture Farm – Salad Greens
  4. Eucalyptus oil
  5. Gary’s veggies
  6. Googee Eggs
  7. Herbert Peabody – book reading
  8. Howes Creek Farm – terrines / pate / sausages
  9. Jillicious – cakes and preserves
  10. Kinglake Proteas
  11. King Valley Dairy
  12. L’amour de la crepes
  13. Locheilan Cheese
  14. Londrigan beef and lamb
  15. Long Lane Capers
  16. Love the Honey
  17. Maindample Imperial Fudge
  18. Mansfield Community Fund – tea and toast
  19. Meadow Creek Seedlings
  20. Mojo Muesli
  21. Olivetto – olive oil
  22. Pasta Adele
  23. Plaster Painting
  24. Red Elk winery
  25. Ros Ritchie Wines
  26. Relay for Life – raffle
  27. Ross Tomatoes
  28. St Joseph’s Tolmie
  29. Tin Shed Cider
  30. The Produce Store – coffee
  31. Tolmie plants
  32. Turkish Star Bread
  33. Verduci Produce
  34. Yarra Valley berries
herbert peabody at the mansfield farmers market
fresh rhubarb at the mansfield farmers market