It’s all happening again this Saturday – with our market stallholders ready to help you fill up your freezers, fridges and pantries. And don’t forget your stomachs!
Someone mentioned the other day that there were only 6 weeks to go until Spring. Not sure that we are ready to acknowledge that just yet, especially those of us who are still hankering after a bit more snow time on the mountains.

Last week we put a call out on our Facebook and Instagram pages to ask for some winter warming recipes – especially those that utilised the humble brussel sprout.  Here are just a few of the ideas that were put forward…..

Facebook reader Ross says:

“Try brussel sprouts roasted with hazelnuts.  The new purple ones have great texture.  NEVER overcook – that is the problem and perception of these much aligned vegetables.”

The lovely Jill O’Halloran from Jillicious tells us to try them

“Lightly steamed with crispy pancetta and brown flaked almonds.  Jillicious!”

What do you think?  Are you a Brussel Sprouts fan?  Do you have some other ideas as to eat them?

Hannah from Spot On Health and Nutrition in Mansfield shared this recipe with us – one of her favourite winter warmers.

Ham Hock Barley Lentil Soup

4 x small / medium organic ham hock (approx 500 grams)
250 gram soup mix (lentil, barley and pea)
Sprinkle of your choice of herbs
1 x onion diced
4 garlic cloves diced
2 cup vegie stock

Cover all ingredients with water so as not to let the ham hock dry out
Cover and bring to the boil then turn down on low heat  and let simmer for 3 hours.  The longer the more flavour and tender the ham will be.
Add: 1/4 pumpkin grated, 3 carrots grated, 2 celery stalks diced, 1-2 parsnip grated.
Salt and pepper to taste.

** remove ham from the hock and let the meat fall off the bone and into the soup.  Sprinkle with fresh parsley for serving.

Yum!  Please let us know if you try Hannah’s recipe!


Our stallholder list has changed a little again this month – with all the seasons this is always the case.  Sometimes (especially fresh produce) is simply not available at a particular time of the year.  Other times a particular product is not quite ready in time for the market.

Stallholder list (current 23/7/2015)

  1. Boonderoo Farm – Bread
  2. Eucalyptus oil
  3. Turkish Bread
  4. Mojo Muesli
  5. Olivetto olive oil
  6. Produce store coffee
  7. Meadow Creek Seedlings
  8. Verduci Produce
  9. Jillicious
  10. Maindample Imperial Fudge
  11. Howes Creek Farm – terrines / pate / sausages
  12. Ross Tomatoes
  13. Pasta Adele
  14. Love the honey
  15. Hook and Spoon
  16. Aintree almonds and apiary
  17. Proteas
  18. King Valley Walnuts
  19. Gary’s veggies
  20. Londrigan beef and lamb
  21. Googee Eggs
  22. Mark Zappia – Yarra Valley berries
  23. L Amour de la crepes
  24. St Joseph’s Tolmie – jams
  25. Plaster painting for the kids