gorgeous gumboots exhibition
watermelon shoes
gorgeous gumboots exhibition

It’s that time of the year again….. when we have so many celebrations, events and festivals happening in and around Mansfield.  Whilst I would love for Spring to get her act into gear and realise that it’s HER TURN and switch on the sun and some blue skies, I am not complaining about the overflowing dam that I see down below our house or the lakes that are filling up.  Going outside without gumboots on will be such a treat…… soon!

Speaking of gumboots, October brings our annual GORGEOUS GUMBOOTS exhibition to the farmers’ market.  This all started a number of years ago when we realised that our October market would fall under the Spring Arts Festival banner and that it would be fabulous if we could bring something “arty” to the market.  Anyone can enter – simply decorate a boot / shoe / thong along the theme of “Food” and bring it along to the market.  We create a beautiful display that adds a bit of fun to our market.

We are very excited to welcome the team from Arts Council Mansfield as part of our market this month.  They are hosting a Pop Up! Arts Market – plenty of beautiful arts and handmade items will be available.  We also look forward to some musical performances from the Mansfield Steiner School and Geelong Grammar Timbertop Campus.  

Our Meet the Maker section of the webpage is slowly being added to – our latest additions are Ros Ritchie Wines, Howes Creek Farm and Delatite Special Occasions.  Jump over and read a little “behind the scenes” news from our producers.

Our stallholder list is VERY full this month – especially with the addition of the Pop Up Arts Market.  There will be plenty to taste / see / do / listen to so come along and enjoy your Saturday morning with us!

Stallholder list (correct as at 18/10/2016)

  1. Aintree Almonds
  2. Boonderoo Farm – Bread & pies
  3. Delatite Special Occasions
  4. Gary’s veggies
  5. Greg’s Seedlings
  6. Greta Valley Free Range Eggs
  7. Howes Creek Farm – terrines / pate / sausages
  8. Jedda’s Garden
  9. Jillicious – cakes and preserves
  10. King Valley Walnuts
  11. KNM Berries
  12. Locheilan Cheese
  13. Long Lane Capers
  14. Mansfield Community Fund
  15. Mansfield Ice-cream
  16. Maindample Imperial Fudge
  17. Mansfield Primary School – cake stall
  18. Mansfield Steiner School – pumpkin pies and soup
  19. Mansfield Quilting Group
  20. Mojo Muesli
  21. Ninn’s Pantry (including King Valley Dairy)
  22. Pasta Adele
  23. Red Elk winery
  24. RenMar Chocolates
  25. Ros Ritchie Wines
  26. Ross Tomatoes
  27. Social Bandit Brewing
  28. Swanpool Native Plants
  29. The Produce Store – coffee
  30. Third Hand – raffle
  31. Tolmie Gold Saffron
  32. Tolmie plants
  33. Turkish Star Bread
  34. Verduci Produce
  35. Wangandary Olives