It’s market time again – our last for Autumn.  Traditionally (over the 6 1/2 years of market operation) our May market has actually been one of our coldest….. and it looks as though it could be heading that way again!  There is snow forecast for the hills this week and some more much needed rain.

What does that mean for the market?  Not much! Our stallholders are all very busy this week baking / picking / harvesting / sorting / creating in readiness for the weekend – regardless of the weather forecast.  They will all be there bright and early on Saturday morning with perhaps a few more layers on than normal.  We will have our fireplace burning and a few places for you to “escape” if it happens to be raining.  Put your boots on, grab your coats and perhaps and umbrella and head on down to fill your market basket!

We’ll have all sorts of delicious goodies for you to taste and purchase this week – Tolmie Gold Saffron are joining us for the first time.  Their’s has been a long journey to market with their first plants in the ground in 2009.  With each stem handpicked this is not an easy product!  Make sure that you drop by and say hello and find out how you can add locally grown saffron to your market basket.  We also look forward to welcoming the crew from Tolpuddle Cheese – just over the hills in Tarawingee.  Melissa and Donovan have a range of goat’s cheese on offer.

A few of our stallholders will be creating delicious offerings that are sure to warm you up – Howes Creek Farm are cooking up a baked beans and sausages breakfast, Turkish Star Breads will have their delicious gozlemes on offer, the Produce Store coffee tent will have fresh waffles and our local Mansfield Steiner School are putting on a pot of pumpkin soup again. Thomas and Gabi’s pie warmer with vegetarian fare can be found at Boonderoo Bread and the Mansfield Community Fund will have their market “lounge room” set up for a place to sit and catch up with friends.  Why not grab some pumpkins from Verduci Produce and have a go at making your own pumpkin soup?

So will we see you on Saturday?  We hope so!

Stallholder list May 2016 (current as at 24/5/2016)

  1. Aintree Almonds
  2. Boonderoo Farm – Bread & pies
  3. Delatite Special Occasions
  4. Gary’s veggies
  5. Greg’s Seedlings
  6. Howard’s Free Range Eggs
  7. Howes Creek Farm – terrines / pate / sausages
  8. Jillicious – cakes and preserves
  9. Kinglake Proteas
  10. King Valley Walnuts
  11. KNM berries
  12. Locheilan Cheese
  13. Long Lane Capers
  14. Mansfield Community Fund
  15. Mansfield Ice-cream
  16. Maindample Imperial Fudge
  17. Mansfield Secondary College – fundraiser (Bella)
  18. Mansfield Steiner School – pumpkin pies and soup
  19. Mansfield Swimming Club – raffle
  20. Mojo Muesli
  21. Ninn’s Pantry (including King Valley Dairy)
  22. Pasta Adele
  23. Red Elk winery
  24. RenMar Chocolates
  25. Ros Ritchie Wines
  26. Ross Tomatoes
  27. Swanpool Native Plants
  28. The Produce Store – coffee & waffles
  29. Tolmie Gold Saffron
  30. Tolmie plants
  31. Tolpuddle Cheese
  32. Turkish Star Bread
  33. Verduci Produce