If you haven’t picked it yet – it’s winter!  Mansfield township has been in a world of fog this last week with the sun only starting to poke through the clouds in the mid afternoon.  Our friends up the hill in Tolmie (and on Buller) have been basking in sunshine in a true temperature inversion.  We’ve also had some fairly heavy frosts with icy mornings which makes the day a bit harder to start!  Our winter market is always a little chilly to start so come along and support your local food producers!

Our June market looks to be a chilly market – with snow forecast up in the mountains which may translate to some showers in the flatlands.  Know that the stallholders will be there ready and waiting having been preparing their goods in the days and weeks leading up to market day.  Your support is always needed!

King Valley Walnuts are with us again with delicious new season nuts.  The difference between a freshly shelled walnut and one that has been sitting on a shelf for a while is huge – drop by for a chat and a taste.  Long Lane Capers and Bottom of the Hill porridge won’t be with us this month but are due back soon.  Locheilan Cheese is proving to be very popular (as usual) with the addition of their award winning How Now Milk. If you are yet to taste this delicious milk then make sure that you grab a bottle (or two) at the market.  If you know that you need a few bottles then send Cathy a message so that she can set it aside for you.

Have you heard about the Boomerang Bag phenomena?  Shopping bags made using reclaimed / reused fabric are available at various businesses – these bags can then be used instead of plastic bags by shoppers at the point of sale.  The “boomerang” part of the bag comes in to play when you then return the bag next time you come shopping.  Our local CWA, Bendigo Community Bank and Up2Us Landcare have all joined forces to create a Boomerang Bag trade in Mansfield.  There is a workshop on at the CWA in High Street in the afternoon on Saturday.  The official BB launch will be held AT OUR MARKET in July.  How exciting!  A great step forward in the War Against Waste.

June Stallholder list (correct as at 23/6/2017)

  1. Aintree Almonds
  2. Boonderoo Farm – Bread & pies
  3. Chocolaterie RenMar
  4. Gary’s veggies
  5. Greg’s Seedlings
  6. Greta Valley Free Range Eggs
  7. Heirloom Naturally
  8. Jedda’s Garden
  9. Jillicious – cakes and preserves
  10. King Valley Walnuts
  11. Locheilan Cheese / How Now Milk
  12. Maindample Imperial Fudge
  13. Mojo Muesli
  14. Ninn’s Pantry
  15. Northern Slopes Plantation
  16. Pasta Adele
  17. Red Elk
  18. Ros Ritchie Wines
  19. Social Bandit Brewing
  20. Swanpool Natives
  21. The Produce Store – coffee
  22. Tolmie Gold Saffron
  23. Turkish Star Bread
  24. Verduci Produce