We love our May market – as it falls within the festival of the High Country Harvest.  So many great food / wine / beer / cider related events over a 10 day period.  Not been to any events yet?  Don’t despair as there are still tickets available to a handful of events over the weekend.  Have a look at the calendar and work backwards from there!  In Mansfield there are still spaces available in The Produce Store cooking demo and 3 course dinner as well as the Sourdough bread making workshop.

Our market this month has plenty to offer – the result of the hardwork that happened last year with plenty of planting.  As well as our fruit and vegie roundup, we have cakes, muesli, cheese, bread, plants, fudge and more!

Looking into the future – we are planning a visit from Bianca Ross.  Bianca is the writer and creator of the gorgeous book Herbert Peabody and his extraordinary vegetable patch and came along to our market in early 2014.  She has been busy writing again  and is about to launch her second book of Herbie’s adventures – and will be coming to the market to show us!  Keep your eyes peeled for this one as it is a gorgeous book and a winner with the younger readers.

Stallholder list (current 22/5/2015)

  1. Boonderoo Farm – Bread
  2. Eucalyptus oil
  3. Locheilan Cheese
  4. Turkish Star Bread
  5. Mojo Muesli
  6. Olivetto
  7. Produce store coffee
  8. Raw and Peace
  9. Meadow Creek Seedlings
  10. Verduci Produce
  11. Long Lane Capers
  12. Jillicious
  13. Maindample Imperial Fudge
  14. KNM berries
  15. Ross Tomatoes
  16. 2 cakes
  17. Aintree almonds and apiary
  18. Mansfield Secondary College – bagged manure
  19. Mansfield Swimming Club – wood raffle
  20. Proteas
  21. King Valley Walnuts
  22. Kelly Country Orchards
  23. Gary’s vegies
  24. Ros Ritchie Wines
  25. SK Nursery
  26. red elk mulled wine